B.Mus, Dip Ed (Secondary)

Senior Instructor

Jo Cook

Jo is a qualified school music teacher with a Bachelor of Music and Diploma in Education (secondary). She has worked in the school system for over 20 years as an instrument tutor, band conductor and classroom music teacher. From a basic understanding of neuroplasticity and being involved in a research project about 'Music Mind and Movement' Jo created a therapeutic music and movement program with the aim to increase the quality of life of people in aged care and people with a disability. This is achieved through both challenging and using the whole brain. In this program participants are engaged socially, physically and cognitively while playing instruments and moving to music familiar to them.

Levels of Engagement

Connect with your group on many levels

  • Social

    Running a Music and Movement group activity allows everyone to be involved no matter the ability of disability

  • Emotional

    Choosing music which is familiar and personal to the group will promote an emotional response

  • Cognitive

    Music applicable to the groups generation stimulates memories, conversation and social connection.

  • Physical

    Music is a motivation lifter and when including bucket drums, shakers and scarves your group will want to move!

Music and Movement in a facility

Interview with Beat It! Music and Movement on SBS Dateline. Engaging residents in aged care.

Follow this link to see Music and Movement in action at an aged care facility SBS Dateline

Facility Visit Testimonials

  • Amy

    Our participants look forward to the drumming group. Even those who rarely participate or engage in other activities join in. I highly recommend this program.

  • Judith

    Beat It is the best movement to music i have ever seen. Most of participants joined it. I have never seen so many smiling faces. A great workout too.

  • Tanya

    A great program, would recommend to any aged care facility.

  • Jessica

    You should enjoy it, Jo comes into the centre I am at and is fantastic, our clients love her.


Live Online Sessions

  • Kerry

    They enjoyed your song choices and sang along. We even had some who never join in the morning exercise group as they have dementia were participating, which was lovely to see.

  • Janine

    The music selection was great and the sound was just fine many of the residents were singing along and when the tempo changed they really got into it.

  • Tmne

    I would certainly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the ability to have extensive in house exercise classes. You were very professional, the class was fun and definitely energetic and the music you chose was spot on.

Instructional video feedback

  • Suzanne

    We have been using your YouTube videos for the past couple of weeks. They are a lot of fun. The male residents laugh along trying to use the scarves and the ladies are laughing watching them. Thank you for the great videos.

  • Ruth

    I am teaching online right now and I have a music class with students who have special needs. These videos have been great for them. They move at a slow enough pace and the movements are repetitive. They LOVE doing them. Thank you!

  • User

    I am an activity director at a supportive living community. The isolation restrictions have been challenging .. and has lasted longer than any of us thought. I have been feeling down and burnt out but.... these are wonderful! An activity with movement... we can adjust for those with less range of motion. How wonderful! I can not wait to use these next week. Bless you!

Training Testimonials

  • Wendy (face to face training)

    We came away with the knowledge and practical skills to customise a programme that will suit us and the residents we will share it with. It was great to share your passion for the programme and you made us feel relaxed and had fun.

  • Karen (live online training)

    I enjoyed the training course, learnt a lot on building the exercises to the music. The information was very useful and the moves at the back of the training document are really helpful.

  • Trudy (live online training)

    Great session, engaging and informative. I got a great deal out of it.

NESA Accredited Professional Development Course

Enriching and Engaging Young Minds and Bodies Through Music and Movement

  • Completing Enriching and Engaging Young Minds and Bodies Through Music and Movement will contribute 2 hours 30 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum/EYLF addressing standard descriptors 2.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
  • Find and use the structure of music of your choice coupled with movements from the Fundamental Movement Skills to address students cognitive, social and physical needs.
  • Engage the whole class through music and movement regardless of abilities, using sound sources found in your room in both group and individual settings.